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What to Know as a College Freshman

​Your freshman year at college will be nothing short of a major adjustment. You are leaving your friends, your family, your hometown, everything familiar. But fear not, you just stepped into the first day of the rest of your life. Welcome to YOU being your own boss, being surrounded my good looking, smart people, and learning more about life than you ever would have expected.

Coming from a post college grad, there are a few things I wish I knew before I embarked upon the mission that is Freshman year!  First of all, DO NOT buy your books before school starts. Rookie mistake number one. You’ll find out your teachers won’t make you use half the books they require you to buy, and if not, they’re in the library instead. Wait until the first day of class and see what is actually required, then go make your purchases.

Another important freshman tip… You are coming from high school, where you as seniors are the top dog, running campus like it is no bodies business. Well reality check, you are a little fish in a really big pond.  Don’t act too cool, because you’re the young tiny ones on campus and upper classmen and spot you from a mile away. Be humble, grateful, and excited (but not overly excited) about being at school. Smile at everyone. Make as many friends as possible. This will come in handy over the years when you feel like the most popular kid around waving to everyone on campus.

If you can’t remember anything else but this, just remember to smile and have fun with whatever you are doing, because these truly are the best 4 years of your life.

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