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Help with Adult Acne

​There are a lot of cause different acne causes and treatments. Different things work better for some people than others. Much of the treatment for adult acne is a trial and error process.

Some adults can use over the counter treatments like acne cleansers from Neutrogena and Clearasil. There are others like Nanocleanse and Acnetix, but the most common ones to find are made by Neutrogena and Clearasil. These brands have been around for years and many people trust these names. Both are good over the counter products that have been tried and tested by millions of people. Some adults believe that these forms of cleansers and gels are the best acne medicine treatments on the market.

There are others, however, that may have more extreme cases. In many instances this is much more than the mild teenage acne that carries over from their teenage years. To the contrary, there are some people that have some hereditary issues with acne. These are extreme cases where a dermatologist will probably have to be contacted. This is ultimately leads to more treatment for adult acne. Over the years people have been looking for a better way to treat this. It can be somewhat embarrassing. This is why more people seek prescription medications.

Oily skin is a major cause of severe adult acne. It has also become something very common among people that drink lots of sodas or have bad diets. Individuals that do not consume a lot of water on a regular basis will have issues with adult acne.

The best acne medicine in these cases is antibiotics and prescription drugs like Benzoyl Peroxide, Dapsone, and Spironolactone. Some of these drugs have lower costs generic brands. This is good because some of these prescriptions can cost as much as $300.

In many cases the treatment for adult acne will be used to treat all of the things that cause this. People that have oily skin, for example, will receive prescriptions that can be used to treat the oily skin and bacteria that form in the skin. This will result in a decrease in acne.

Individuals that have had a lot of trouble with acne will be grateful for anything that helps them. Most people that suffer with adult acne must treat this matter seriously. It is bound to get worse if it is left unattended. People with this condition must seek help.
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