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 Being eighteen years old is a special time and could be the most fabulous time of your life. Enjoy this time of establishing identities and preparing for adulthood with us here at as we explore the many special interests and activities that all teens going into adulthood enjoy. If you're eighteen, you'll want to know more about this exciting and emotional stage of life. Being eighteen means going through changes and exploring some of the answers to life's most burning questions. Good friends are very important at this time of life too and we present informative and fun articles that cover the issues surrounding teen relationships and just about everything else an 18-year-old might want to know about this important time of life. is the best teen website and resource for teen interests covering celebrity and entertainment news of interest to teens along with news and info on dating, sports, music, movies, videos, games and other fun online activities. We share the latest developments in preparing for higher education and making the big transition to college life. The world is in the palm of your hand as you approach adulthood and you'll need to learn what your options are when it comes to stepping out on your own. Discover new tips on dealing with parents and friends too. We cover the latest news, tips, advice, and general information surrounding important topics like teen health, teen sexuality, learning to drive, new technologies, education, discipline, developing good habits and a lot more.

On the lighter side, is also a teenager's best source of news and advice on the many social aspects of growing up today including the more entertaining aspects of current clothing and accessory trends, as well as tons of info on celebrities, style, beauty, school, career choices and much more. When it comes to dating, every 18-year-old wants to learn more about relationships and romance. Learn how to know when you have found the right person to hook up with as well as how to slow things down a bit when your love life seems to be happening too quickly. With so much to learn and do, we know being eighteen can represent a time of dramatic changes in your life and we'll give you the scoop on how to survive the challenges and have fun at the same time as you explore the most exciting year of your life.